1. Open the People menu on the left-hand menu of the dashboard and click Segmentation. A list of created segments will open. If no segments have been created yet, read this page about segmentation to learn how to create one.

2. Find the segment you want to export and look for the export icon on the right of the segment row. Click the export icon.

3. In the window that opens after clicking on the export icon, you'll need to supply some information to get your export started. File type: The type of file the export should be. Template type: Templates determine what information about each person will be contained in the file. Templates should have been created for you when your Element451 system was set up. 

4. Once you have selected a template, click Create Export. The file will be created and emailed to you when it's finished so you don't need to wait around for it. Keep in mind that larger segments with more template fields will take longer to generate. To check the status of the export, and view other details about the export, open the Data section on the left-hand menu of the dashboard and click User Exports. 

Read about detailed segment examples to get ideas for your future segments.

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