Setting up your Groups and Permissions page is a critical piece of getting your team up and running in Decision.  You’ll need to understand your process first and revisit your permissions as you develop your Board, Statuses, and Cohorts.

To create a new Permission group, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner. Enter a name and a description and click Create.  From there, you can add new users to the group by again, clicking the plus sign in the bottom right corner and searching for users.  

The second tab of the Permissions Group is where you can actually set specific permissions for your users.  Each group can be intricately customized to suit your needs, from providing access to Cohorts and statuses, to stages and individual stage transitions.

Note that as you add new items throughout Decision (Stages, Statuses, and Cohorts), you’ll need to revisit your permissions to add where necessary.

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