The Decision451 Board is where you can build and modify your decision making process.  Just like with your Groups and Permissions, you can further determine precise process movements and designations.

To add a new step to your board, click on the blue plus sign, give the stage a name, and assign a status to it.  You can change the name of that step by simply clicking into the header and editing it. You can then drag and drop the stage to the correct location on your board to make it visually accurate.  Modifying the statuses can be accomplished by hovering over them and clicking the pencil.  Finally, you can determine where an applicant can Transition to from that stage.  

You can either allow the application to transition to all stages or be more precise, but only allowing certain stages.  Keep in mind that both the stage transitions and the statuses must be in alignment for an application to move between stages.  Additionally, ensuring a user has the proper permissions to do so will be critical in ensuring a smooth process.

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