The criteria tab is where you'll start getting into the details of specific applicant evaluations, rather than the high level process.  This is where you can build out a way for you to consistently evaluate each application that you receive.  

Click on Add Criteria to create a new one for your team.  Give it a Name, a Short Name (an abbreviated name to display in locations that can't fit the full name), and a description.

Now that you've created a criteria, you can see that you've got several options to work through.

The Criteria Type allows you to select Global, or one score for all users, or Per Reviewer, which allows each user to have his or her own score.  These scores will appear on the Overview page for applicants.

Next, assign a weight.  This works like a weighted average when calculating an overall score for the applicant.  Select a number from one to ten.

Third, you'll be able to choose how this score will be displayed when aggregating the score.  The average score for all reviewers, a sum total of all reviewers, the max score of all reviewers, or the minimum score for all reviewers.

Finally, how should the selection of values display to your reviewers, Numerical, Categorical, or a Boolean?  Numerical is simply a one to ten ranking; Categorical similarly provides you with one to ten options, but provides you with the ability to add categorical references to each number - Very high, Mediocre, or Poor, for example; And boolean allows you to assign one of two values - yes or no, true or false, etc.

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