Don’t freak out! Segments has a new user interface.  Below you will learn about the newest features and improvements to Segments.  Now it’s even easier to build segments!

Redesigned Filter View

A completely redesigned user interface displays segment filtering information in the main view, so you don't have to click each condition for filter details.  You will also notice that filter types are color-coded to help distinguish.  (Teal=Attributes, Orange=Activity, Purple=Decisions, Green=Relationships).  For more information:  Creating a Segment

Filter Types

In addition to the existing filter types:  "User Who Has" which is now "Attributes"  and "Did" filters which is now "Activity".  We have introduced three new filter types:  Tasks, Decision, Relationships.  For more information:  How Filters are Used

All Property Filters
New filters allow you to group multiple filters into a single filter. You will find them if you search (Address or Applications for example). If you choose the "Application All Properties" filter, you can select multiple application filters such as major, term, status, etc. No longer a need to create 3 different filters.

From “and/or” to “all/any"

New terminology of All/Any is now being used to replace the previous And/Or operators.  For more information:  Any vs. All Operators

Apply Your Segment Filters as Needed

No longer will the segment be built as you add or remove filters.  This change will enhance the performance and speed of building segments.  Once you have add the filters and conditions you need, click the "Apply" button to initiate that segment build.  After you make additional changes, you can click apply as needed to activate those new filters.  As always, you can click "save" or "save as a new segment" to save your work.  NOTE:  You will no longer lose your segment in progress if you click on a student record or click into another module.  When you return to the People module, your segment draft will still be there!

Explore Example Segments

Creating Segments might seem a bit intimidating at first with the many filters and filter combinations available in Element451. To give you a better sense of how to use Segments, let's take a look at a couple of examples.  For more information:  Explore Example Segments

Loading Your Existing Segments

In the new version of Segment Builder, you can quickly and easily load existing segments on the main People view.   Simply start typing the title of the segment you are looking for and those that match will appear.  You can also access any segment folders you have created by clicking the "folder" drop down menu. 

You can also check out this video tutorial on the new segment builder:

As you explore the newest Segment Builder, reach out to your customer success manager with any questions or as always you can reach us on live support.  

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