Create a New Label

1. Click on People on the left-hand menu of the dashboard and select Labels. If any labels have been created, you'll see a listing of them. If not, you'll see a button to create a label. 

2. Click the blue plus icon to add a new label, or the button to create a new label if this is your organization's first label. The New Label form will open.

3. Fill in the New Label form:

Label Name: Enter a name for your label. This is the name that you'll use when you apply labels to individual people profiles or to segments of people. 

Label Slug: The slug will automatically be created for you. It is a short, unique name without spaces that will be used internally by the system to manage your labels. Note: If you edit the label name and the slug doesn't automatically update, click the slug field to make sure it is empty, then click on the label name, and select the slug field again. The slug field should autofill with a slug matching your new label name.

Label Color: The colored rectangle represents the color associated with your label. Click on the color swatch to open the color picker, where you can select any color you want. Color coding makes it even easier to identify labeled groups at a glance.

4. When you're satisfied with your new label details, click Create in the bottom right corner of the form. Your new label will appear in the label list.

Now that you've created a label, learn how to edit or delete them at your convenience. 

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