To create a new conversation, go to the Conversations icon in the left-hand menu of the Element451 dashboard.

Click the + sign in the blue circle. A new window will open titled Start a Conversation. 

Use the toggle button to choose the audience:

  • internal = conversation among your team

  • external = conversation with students or others outside your organization

Then select whether you wish to create an Email or SMS conversation.

SMS Conversation

To create a SMS conversation you need to include::

  • the student or audience to send the message to 

  • the message content 

To add a student, search for the person in your database by entering their name, email address, or phone number. The field will auto-populate as you search. Select the correct recipient you want to send the SMS to.

Add the content for the SMS message in the content area and click Start to send the SMS and open a new conversation. 

If the student does not have a mobile phone entry then a popup message displays preventing the user from selecting SMS as a method of delivery.

Email Conversation

To create an email conversation, select the Email button and click Next. 

Name the conversation. The name is used as the subject of the email and appears again in the main body of the email. The name of the conversation is also displayed as the title of the message in the conversations dashboard. 

Enter the recipient’s email address, or search by first and last name to find the intended recipient.

Add one or more internal participants to loop others into the conversation. Type their email address in the Participants field. Participants receive email notifications for all responses by a student. You are automatically added as the first participant when you create a new conversation.

Enter the content of your mail message. 

When everything’s as you want it, click Start to send the email and open a new conversation. 

Read about managing a conversation. 

**To send communications to a larger audience, please read our article on creating an email or SMS in Campaigns451.

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