How will this impact our process?

It won’t change anything to start. We’ll handle moving over your application site. If you want your refreshed apps to have checklists, however, you will need to implement Decision451. We can help you do that.

When can I start?

When we migrate your app site beginning September 10th we’ll reach out to discuss new content possibilities for you to consider.

What is the deadline?

Your new application site content will need to be entered by November 30th. You will have over 2 months to enter the content and test the new application site. 

Do I need to rebuild my application?

No. The changes are mainly visual. Applications will work for applicants exactly as they do now. The only change you will notice on the dashboard is the new editing options under /applications/sites.

Can I postpone?

Yes until November 30. While these changes are going to enhance the experience of using your applications, they are mostly cosmetic. The Element451 Team won’t provide updates to application site that aren’t moved over to the refreshed version.

Will all of my conditional logic, field settings, recommendation forms, etc. still work? 

Yes. Everything you currently have in place will continue to work as it does now. Furthermore the much anticipated feature of filtering terms based on programs and vice-versa will be available. This means that a student can pick a program first and then the term it is offered. No more blank drop down options. 

Is Application functionality, data, integrity at risk during the migration?

The data integrity and application functionality is not at risk. The new V3 will use all of the forms and configurations you have already setup. There will be NO data migration. 

How can I test my V3 site?
Both v2 and v3 sites can be live at the same time. You can test V3 during the migration time. When ready you can let the Element451 team know and we will point
the application v2 url to the new site. 

Will all auto login tokens continue to function properly?

Yes all autologin functionality has been replicated on the new V3 site. 

What are the risks? Is there anything I should be looking for specifically?

We do not foresee any risks to switching. The only source of questions might be the new added ability to sign up and login with Google and other social accounts. Additionally in order for the checklist feature to work, you need to create those items on the decision451 module. 


September 10: We’ll begin migrating your existing applications. We’ll also start contacting you about new content opportunities to think about.

October 15: All new content needs to be entered

November 1: Preview testing

November 30: All applications go live

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