Setting up the Groups and Permissions page in Decision451 is a critical step in getting your team up and running in the Decision module. Before diving into this, be sure you understand your evaluation process first. Revisit your permissions frequently as you develop your Board, Statuses, and Cohorts.

To create a new Permissions Group, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner. Enter a name and a description and click Create. From there, you can add new users to the group by, again, clicking the plus sign in the bottom right corner and searching for users.  

The second tab of the Permissions Group is where you can actually set specific permissions for your users. Each group can be intricately customized to suit your institution's needs, from providing access only to applications in certain Cohorts and Statuses, to allowing the user to transfer applicants between specific stages but not necessarily others.

Tip: Whenever you make a change to your Decision Board, such as adding a new stage or status, be sure to go back and check your permissions. Similarly, if you are ever wondering why you do not see any applications in your Decision view, or are unable to transition an application to a stage you believe you should be able to, first double-check your Decision451 permissions.

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