Under the Decision451 Criteria tab, you can set up a process to understand the details of specific applicant evaluations, as compared to the high level process. This tab is where you build out rules to consistently evaluate each application that you receive.  

Go to Applications, select Decisions, then Decision Settings. Click on the Criteria tab.

Go to Applications, select Decisions, then Decision Settings. Click on the Criteria tab.

To get started, click Add Criteria. Give it a Name, a Short Name (an abbreviated name to display in locations that can't fit the full name), and a Description.

Now that you have created a criteria, you will be presented with a few different fields to fill out.

For the Criteria Type, you can choose Global or Per Reviewer. Global means there will be one overall score for that criteria for the applicant, and Per Reviewer means that each reviewer can assign their own score. These scores will appear on the Overview page for applicants. When choosing between these two criteria types, think about how you would want to build any Segments using these scores.

Next, assign a weight to the criteria. How important is this criteria when compared to other criteria you will use? This weight works like a weighted average when calculating an overall score for the applicant. Select a number from one to ten; the default is five.

Third, select how this score will be calculated when aggregating a Per Reviewer score. Would you want an average score for all reviewers, a sum total of all reviewers, the max score of all reviewers, or the minimum score for all reviewers to appear?

Finally, what selection of values should the reviewers have to choose from for this criteria: Numerical, Categorical, or a Boolean? Numerical values allow you to specify a range from zero upward; Categorical values enable you to choose a number of categories and tie each number to a category (i.e. Low, Medium, and High); the Boolean values allow you to select yes or no/true or false for that criteria.

All of the criteria you create will work together to assign a numerical value to the applicant. This numerical value will be visible when viewing the application profile in Decision and when viewing all applicants in the Decision list view.

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