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Page Content Creation
Page Content Creation

Learn the basics of content blocks, page management, and adding Request for Information forms to your pages.

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This article has been archived and is scheduled for deletion. Please see the Creating + Managing Pages article for the most up-to-date information.


Building out the content of your Landing Pages is critical to your success in recruiting new students. Element451 gives you powerful and easy-to-use tools to build pages that stand out from the rest.
Once you've clicked on a page, click on the Edit page from the Design & Content Tab. You'll be greeted by a blank canvas to start building.

Adding and Customizing Blocks

Click on the plus sign to add a new block. Let's start by adding a Billboard with Form block - with that, we've already got an almost passable Landing Page! Let's take a look at how to customize our blocks to meet the demands of your school's style guide.

Starting with the Content, we can click into the default Latin content and modify what we want our page to say.

Click on the logo button on the top to add your school's logo and add any links you'd like to add across the top menu bar. If you followed along and added a Billboard with a form, click on the empty space where the form would go to select the form you would like to have display on this page.

We're getting closer to having a completed page. Let's take a look a little deeper. We can further customize our page and add and remove any element as needed by clicking on the Customize button.

You can do a lot here, so let's take a look at the basics.

  • Change the color of your header stripe

  • Change the position of the stripe

  • Change the theme to light or dark - certain aspects will change as you modify this.

  • Set your background - The page builder allows you to set a different background image based on the device that a browser is using - this allows you to use larger images for desktop browsers and smaller images for mobile browsers.

Next, click on the Elements tab.

This tab is where you can toggle on and off specific elements of the page. Β 

Each content block you add will have different selections for Design and Elements and there are a lot of content block types, so take some time to familiarize yourself with all of your options.

πŸ–Ό Image Sizing/Ratio Suggestions

When adding images to your pages, here are some best practices for sizing/ratios:

Image Format

Dimensions (WxH)

Aspect Ratio


1920px x 1080px



1080px x 1920px



1000px x 1000px


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