Search Possible User Duplicates

Learn how to manually search for possible duplicate records directly from the person profile.

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Our manual duplicate search feature lets you directly search for possible duplicates from an individual record. This tool allows you to compare an individual record against your existing contact list to identify and match potential duplicates. This feature is especially useful when you suspect there may be duplicates that are not appearing in the Deduplication module or when you need to investigate a potential duplicate quickly.

Searching for a Possible Duplicate

  1. Click the See Possible Duplicates icon in the upper right-hand corner of a person's record. 

  2. In the duplicate field, begin typing the name of the suspected duplicate contact. When the correct contact appears in the list, select it.

  3. Compare the two records as you would in the Deduplication module.

    • If you determine this record is not a duplicate, you can click the red X icon to clear the record and search for a new one.

    • If you determine this record is a duplicate, you can follow the same process to initiate the merge as you would in the Deduplication module.

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