All landing pages built in Pages451 are assigned a primary domain. This is system generated by Element451 and can not be edited. They usually look something like this: 

While this URL is totally functional, it doesn't share the same institutional brand identity and trust as a url ending in .edu. 

To that end, in Pages451 you can configure external domains, allowing you to mask or hide the primary domain and to use a URL ending in 

Edit/Create CNAME Entries

There are two recommended ways of configuring your CNAME entries for Pages451 pages to show a branded URL. CNAME entries will likely need to be edited by your IT or web development team(s)  {{What is a CNAME?}}

1. Create a CNAME entry for each new page to point to the primary domain url. 

For example, by creating a CNAME entry that would point to your inquiry form landing page could be reached by the user going to

Creating CNAME entries for each page allows the greatest flexibility in naming, however will likely require more frequent configuration from your intuitional IT or web development team as you create and deploy additional Pages451 pages. 


2. Create a CNAME entry that includes a wildcard. This will allow a single CNAME entry to mask the primary domains on multiple Pages451 pages.  

For example, a CNAME entry could be created that points * to (Note the wildcard "*" at the start of the CNAME entry)

With this single CNAME entry you can on-the-fly create additional landing pages and simply add external domains that conform to the proper naming convention. For the above entry, all of the domains listed below resolve without any additional CNAME entries being created:

Adding External Domains to Pages451
Once your CNAME record(s) have been updated you can enter the desired external domain by going to the PUBLISH tab and clicking "Add Host" and entering the full domain name. 



These same steps can be used when you want to hide the primary domains for your application landing pages in Application451. 



Similar steps can be used when you want to hide the primary domains of a Sites451 microsite. The domain information can be edited under "Edit Publish Settings" by clicking on the Published/Not Published status indicator next to the site name. 

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