What you'll learn:

  • Make fields visible based on previous responses to questions. 

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic eliminates the need for things like "If you answered Yes to the question above." With conditional logic, you can control which fields are displayed to people based on things like their previous answers or selections to other fields in the form.

The conditional logic tab is where you can set up the conditions in which the field is shown to people filling out the form. If conditions are not meant, the field will be hidden. 

  1. Click "edit" on the field.

  2. Once there, scroll down to "Conditional Logic". Click "Add Condition" on the Conditional Logic tab. Set the conditions by indicating a field, an operator, and a value. 

The other field on the form this one depends on. Soon we will select what value(s) to look for in this field.

The logical operator to use on the values we will specify next. These are classic logical operators.

  • Equals: Shows this field if the value in the specified field is exactly equal to a single value.

  • Does Not Equal: Shows this field if the value in the specified field is not equal to a single value.

  • In: Shows the field if it matches any values in a set. You can specify multiple values to look for with this operator.

  • Not In: Shows the field unless any of the values in the set are found in the specified field. You can specify multiple values with this operator.

Specify what value (if using the Equals or Does Not Equal operators) or set of values (if using the In or Not In operators) your operator will be looking for. So, for example, if the field you're adding is a text field asking how many guests a person is bringing to the event, and the field this field is dependent on asked "Are you bringing a guest?" the value would be Yes or No.  

If the field this one is conditional on uses options (e.g. checkbox, radio button, dropdown), you will be able to select the value from a list of the options for the field. If you can select multiple options with your operator, you can click the ones you would like to include.

You can add multiple conditions to get the behavior you desire. Often, the best way to learn how your form fields interact is to try them out. Remember that you can always preview your registration form on the event page using the Preview Icon in the top right (your event should also be set to Published and Private if you don't want others seeing it just yet).

Once you add the a field, an operator, and a value, then the field will be conditionally displayed on your form when it meets that property. 

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