Task management allows you to see the status and counts for the tasks of your entire team. 

You'll learn:

  • how to filter and check counts of your task types

  • filter tasks by date

  • marking tasks as complete 

  • viewing tasks on a person's profile

Task Management in Detail

Creating and Editing Tasks

In order to have tasks to manage you'll need to create a task first. Tasks can be created manually or as part of a workflow. To create a task click on the "Add Task" icon (the blue circle marked with a "+").

You can also edit an existing task by clicking on the pencil icon

Whether you are creating a new task or editing an existing task, you'll open a version the task modal screen. 

Here you'll be able to set (or edit) your task name, type, mark the task complete, edit date and time information, take notes and relate and assign this task to people. 

Deleting a Task

To delete a task, you can just click the trash can icon on the row of the task you want to delete. 

Marking a Task Complete

You can mark an individual task complete two ways. Click in the white circle next to the task name (you can undo this by clicking the green check that appears) or by editing the task and clicking the "Completed" check box.

Bulk Task Actions

You can select more than one task using control-click or shift-click. Once selected, you can assign (pen icon), mark complete (check icon) or delete tasks by clicking on the appropriate icon. 

Task Counts

In the header you'll find the task counter. 

The counter gives you a quick view of how many open tasks there are to complete. These counts will update as you apply filters to your task. 

Pro Tip: The Task Counter only displays tasks that still need to be done. Depending on your selected filters, you may see completed tasks in your task list, but you won't see those in your task counts. 

Search for a Task

You can use the search bar to search for tasks by name, related to a person record or assigned to an Element451 user. Like elsewhere, you can search by name or email address. Searches can be combined with filters (see below).

Pro Tip: Remember, your text based search will return results after searching task names, Element451 users and people. So searching "gmail.com" would return results that include and task name that contains "gmail.com," people with email addresses containing "gmail.com," and Element451 users with an email address containing "gmail.com."

Filtering the Task List

Looking for a specific group of tasks? You can use the filter option at the end of search bar or the quick options. 

Sorting the Task List

You can sort your task list by clicking on the "Name," "Due Date," "Related to" or "Assigned to" column headers. Click again to reverse the sort order. 

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