Content for the Academic Planner and Career Connector sections can be entered manually and edited as majors change and updates are required. However, for the initial creation of the site, it’s best to upload this information in one large data dump, rather than working on each major individually. 

Academic Planner:

  • Title of Major

  • Major ID

  • Semester Year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

  • Semester Title (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter)

  • Total Credits

  • Course Number

  • Course Title

  • Course Credit

  • Icon

Here is a sample Academic Planner:

Career Connector:

  • Major ID

  • Major Title

  • Sample Careers

  • Sample Work Settings

  • Skills You Will Develop

  • Internship Examples

  • Starting Salary Range

  • Industry Related Clubs

  • Icon

Important Note: All major codes in the Academic Planner must exist and match up in the Career Connector. The Career Connector can have additional values, but each code on the academic planner needs a matching Career Connector code.                       

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