When setting up your Pages and Microsites, you will come across a Social Media tab. This is what you will see in Pages:

The Footer Icons tab within Social Media is where you can manage what links the relevant social media icons connect to at the bottom of your pages. If you go down to Social Feed, you will see this:

Click "Add Social Media Account" here, select Twitter, and then use your Twitter handle (without the "@") to connect. You're all set!

Setting up a Social Media Feed on you Microsite works very similarly. First go to the Social Feed tab under Dashboard in a Microsite. You can edit the headline to be anything you would like.

Select "Add one in social media accounts." You will be taken to a page where you can select "Add social media account" and choose Twitter. Input your school's Twitter handle without the "@" to connect.

When using Social Feeds in Microsites, be careful with how the Social Feed and the Featured Card are set up. If Featured Card is "On" (under Header in Design & Layout), you cannot put the Social Feed "In the header" (under Social Feed in Design & Layout). If having the Social Feed in the header is important to you, you must turn the Featured Card "Off." Don't force your Featured Card and Social Feed to fight for header status! (Hint: Element451 won't allow them to!) Otherwise, there are lots of other options for where to put the Social Feed, shown to the right of "In the Header" here:

Note: Due to recent changes to Facebook's privacy policy, the only option currently available for social media feeds is Twitter. However, you can use several different social media for your footers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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