The Element451 Dashboard (a.k.a. overview screen) is now customizable!  Now you can create personal dashboards with the data and segments most relevant to your daily work. Using configurable cards, you can visualize applications performance, engagement from conversations, or specific drill-downs in a segment.

Creating a New Custom Dashboard

Select "Add Dashboard- NEW" from the dashboard title dropdown menu.   First give your custom dashboard a title.  Then you will click "+ Add Card" to begin adding the cards that are most relevant to you.  

There are currently two types of cards you can add to your custom dashboard.  First you can add Analytics cards which allow you to directly pull a segment report onto your dashboard view.  NOTE: Only segments added to the "Calculated Segments" folder found in the segmentation tab under People will be available to add to your custom dashboard segment reports.  

Under the People module, on the segmentation tab, you can add those segments you wish to be available for your custom dashboard segment reports under the calculated segments folder.  NOTE:  Segments added to the calculated segments folder will also be evaluated in real time allowing them to load within seconds.  

The second type of cards you can add to your custom dashboard are modules cards.  Giving you a snapshot view of those modules most important to you such as My Tasks, Applications and Conversations.

Adding a New Card to your Custom Dashboard

When you select either an analytics card or a modules card you must configure the card's settings.  You will need to give the card a title and select the size of the card.  Plus for analytics cards, you will also select which property to group by and how many items to include in your segment report and how to sort the list.

Sharing Your Custom Dashboards

You can choose to share any of your custom dashboard views with your colleagues.  Simply select the share option on the menu found by clicking the ellipse.  NOTE: Only the owner of the custom dashboard can make changes/edits.  Those who a dashboard is shared with will only have viewing access.  

We look forward to adding even more custom dashboard cards and report features in the coming months.  Your feedback is welcome so please share your suggestions to your customer success manager as you start discovering the new Custom Dashboard!

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