On this page, we will show you how to set up deposit fees in Element451. First, you will need to work with the Element451 Customer Success team to integrate payment providers. This process will take place during your implementation. See Element451's list of preferred payment providers here. The rest of this article will assume that your payment providers are set up.

1. Navigate to the Settings tab of the Applications module.

2. Within the Settings tab, select Deposits. From the main page, click "Add Deposit."

3. A window will appear in which you can enter basic information about the deposit. Give the deposit a name (for your internal use), select which methods students can use to pay the deposit, and set the amount and currency. In the Account field, input a name that will make sense for your institution's business office; this line will appear in the bank statements both in the student's and in your institution's financial records. Once the deposit is set up correctly, toggle to Yes to activate it and click Create.

Note: The deposit feature will only work if you have the relevant payment providers integrated with Element451.

Once the deposit has been created, you will see it listed in the Settings Deposit tab. You can add more deposits by clicking the blue plus icon in the top right.

4. Now that your deposits are all set up, go to All Applications under the Applications tab to link them to the actual application.

5. Select the application to which you would like to add the deposit. You should now be in the application editor.

In the top right of the application editor, there is a pencil icon. Click this icon to manage the general settings of the application. You can manage many different settings here, including whether the SnapApp (required fields only) works for your application, whether the applicant is alerted when all required fields are complete, the icon associated with the application, any application fees, and - most importantly here - the deposit.

6. Navigate to the Deposit tab. A dropdown menu will appear that will include the options None and any deposits you have set up in the previous steps.

Once you have chosen the deposit you would like to correspond to the application, click Save. Your deposit is all set!

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