To continuously bring solutions that make the work of enrollment managers easier, we have created a Packs library of pre-built campaigns that Element451 users can install and tweak for different purposes.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Transfer Search Campaign

  • Parent/Family Campaign

  • Application Completion Push

  • Sophomore/ Junior Search Campaign

  • Graduate Nurture Campaign, Embeddable Request for Information Form

  • On-Campus Tour

  • Senior Search Campaign, Admitted Yield Campaign

  • Virtual Information Session

  • Happy Birthday

  • Prospect Gen and Capture Page

  • Application Submit Push

  • And, more Packs are coming!

The Packs Library lists the available Packs, and it allows you to browse the Packs' contents by clicking on the "Get" button of each campaign. Here you will see an overview of the contents and instructions on how to install a Pack.

Content Tokens -- Fill out BEFORE installing a pack.

The campaigns are built on topics relevant to enrollment management, personalized to the audience, designed and written for online and mobile viewing, and with clear calls to action. To make them specific to your institution, we have created content tokens that fill in the blanks for general facts and figures, branding, images, alumni, signatures, and contacts.

To get started, navigate to Packs > Content Tokens.

Here you will be asked to fill out as much as you can about your institution so that the pre-built campaigns can merge the appropriate information and create campaigns tailored to your institution. The more you can fill out, the more personalized the campaigns will be.

Installing a Pack

Once you have filled out the majority of the content tokens, go to the Packs Library, choose the Pack you are looking to set up, and click "Get".

Once you have chosen a Pack, you will be given an overview of the Pack, what it includes, and any additional instructions on personalization.

Once you have decided on a Pack, click "Install" in the upper right corner. Here you will be asked to fill out a form to specify the application, term, sending email address, workflow, etc. Once populated, click "Install" in the upper right corner.

Once the Pack installation is complete, you can go to your campaigns to review, tweak, and activate them, as well as to the workflow and the segments that go along with the Packs.

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