Now that you have defined your visibility groups, it is time to assign them to your Element451 administrative users, if applicable. To do so, you would navigate the Settings > Manage Users and navigate to the particular user you would like to assign visibility groups.

Once you are in the user's profile, you will see a fourth tab called Visibility Groups. This is where you will be able to assign the group(s) to a particular user.

To restrict the groups, you would first toggle the “Restrict the people visible to this user?” button. Turning this toggle on tells the system that this administrative user is restricted to the specified groups below. If the toggle is turned off, the user can see all people, regardless of which visibility groups they belong to.

Once the toggle is on, you can then check the groups this user has access to.

If you have further questions about assigning visibility groups to your administrative users, please reach out to the Customer Sucess Team.

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