External Domains in Element451

How to create external domains for your landing, application, events, and microsite pages.

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What is an External Domain?

Element451 pages offer an opportunity to set-up a customized URL, called an external domain. This way, you can lead your students to a URL the same as your institution's domain. For example, for your application site, it could be apply.institution.edu. While the URL appears to be that of the institution, browsing the URL takes the student to the Element451-built pages.

External Domains are made possible when you create a Domain Name System (DNS) entry for the URL.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

Your institution's network administrator can use DNS to route requests for the custom external domains to Element451. The DNS record must be a CNAME alias record entry in your DNS zone that points to the external domain URL you selected at our services.

You can now send students to the custom URL for the page.

For IT Administrators

Element451 has instituted a method to generate the required security certificates for the requested URL. This method leverages the work done by the non-profit entity Let's Encrypt to create and update the certificates. You can see details on how this works from their website.

When using this method, no support is required by either your IT staff or by Element451 Support. The certificates will be automatically generated and installed every 90 days indefinitely.

Please get in touch with us via Element451 Live Support with any additional questions about the custom URL process.

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