Manually Merge a Duplicate Record

Learn how to manually run a deduplication from the Student Profile

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This article will cover how to manually merge a duplicate record from the student profile.

Manually Merge a Duplicate Record

  1. Navigate to Contacts > People to access your list of people records.

  2. Click to open the student record you wish to keep.

  3. Select the "See Possible Duplicates" Icon. This icon will be located at the top right of the profile header.

    ⚠️ Don't see the button? See the next section below for more information.

  4. Once you click on the button, it will open the merge interface, similar to the Deduplication Module.​​

  5. Search for the record you wish to merge with. Use the search bar to find a duplicate record by name or email. Once you have found the record to be merged, select it.

  6. Just as you would in the Deduplication Module, select the fields from each record you wish to keep using the controls in the middle "keep" column.

  7. When you are finished reviewing the fields, click the merge button in the bottom right of the screen (blue circle).

Showing "See Possible Duplicates" on the Profile Template

Can't see the "Show Possible Duplicates" icon? Your profile template might have it disabled. Talk to your Element451 Administrator about adding it to the profile. You can learn more here.

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