Access to a world of images via Unsplash

As you are creating campaigns to reach the right students with the right message at the right time, images play a key role in making the campaigns engaging, relevant, and illuminate your message.

To that end, Element451 has integrated with Unsplash to give you easy access to thousands of images that you can now easily insert into your campaigns for free.

How to find and use images from Unsplash

To do so, while editing a campaign, you would insert an image block, and in the Image Settings, you would "Add a file."

Then, user the Upload tab, you can select "Upload from Unsplash" and then search in the engine for a type of image you are looking for.

Once you have found an image, you can click "Select" to insert it onto the campaign.

Finally, here s a quick video demonstration of looking up images via Unsplash.

In addition, you are now able to crop photos in campaigns to focus on the important part of the image. Namely, once you are in a campaign, click on the gear button on the image to view the editing panel. Under the image in the editing panel, you will see a crop option.

Once you click on Crop, another editing window opens, allowing you to adjust the size of the image.

For further assistance, please reach out to the Customer Success team.

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