Feature Releases

Release notes, overview of new features and other product updates

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IA Training + Videos

View step-by-step guides & watch comprehensive training videos on Element451's features.

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Learn how to create and manage applications in App451

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Appointments allow you to manage one-on-one meetings between a student and faculty/staff members.

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AI features in Element451

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Explore how to create personal and effective email and SMS campaigns.

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Learn to create and manage conversations with students in Conversations

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Data Management

This section contains information on Field Management and Importing and Exporting data from Element451

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Duplicate Records Management

This section contains information on the Deduplication feature.

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This collection teaches you on how to create and manage events.

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Element451’s embedded suite of analytics dashboards and reporting tools that helps clients identify trends and make data-informed decisions.

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Journeys is a new way to track and visualize people completing sequential interactions.

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This collection contains articles exploring the features of the people section.

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Overview of the Packs library and how to install a Pack.

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Pages and Forms

Explore how to use Pages and Forms

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Settings & Permissions

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Tasks & Territories

Explore how to create and automate tasks and territories

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Workflows & Rules

Explore how to use the multiple capabilities of workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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