As covered in What is Tracked in Element451 & Why Add the Tracking Pixel, Element451 is built to automatically track the activity that takes place in Element451 as well as track pageViews and linkClicks within the Element451 pages. For additional pages, you can set up a tracking pixel, and the how-to steps are outlined in How to Set up Element451 Tracking Pixel in Google Tag Manager.

How about views into your outside marketing campaigns such as AdWords or Facebook? Additional GTM Events would need to be set up to receive more tracking for campaigns outside Element451. The following events can be set up in GTM:


  1. “formSubmitted” - gets fired on the first form

  2. “formSubmittedLong” - gets fired on the second submission

Custom Variables:

  1. “formID” - element form guid

  2. “formName” - element form name


  1. “Application Start” - gets fired when someone starts an application

  2. “Application Complete” - gets fired when someone completes an application and app is ready for review.

  3. “Application Submit” - gets fired when someone submits an application.

Custom Variables:

  1. “applicationGuid” - application guid

  2. “applicationName” - application name

Please know that typically, to set the more advanced tracking events in GTM, assistance from your institution's web or marketing team is advised.

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