List + Details of Individual Permissions

List and details of the individual permissions that are assigned to system and custom permission groups.

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This article details each of the permissions offered in Element451. These permissions are automatically added to System Permission Groups and cannot be edited. You can, however, add these permissions to Custom Permission Groups and assign users to those Permission Groups to tailor access to your specific needs.

Accessing Permissions

These permissions are accessed when viewing system groups or creating/editing custom groups. Navigate to your profile picture in the top right corner, then click Settings > Manage Users > Permission Groups. Once you're on the Permission Groups page, you can view and edit individual permissions by clicking on a specific group. Keep in mind that permissions within system groups cannot be modified.

List + Details of Individual Permissions


Delete User Application

Allows for deleting a user's application and its resources.

Access App451

Allows basic access to the applications section and dashboard.

Administer Applications

Allows for creating/editing/deleting application types, portals, and recommendations.

Administer Application Waivers

Allows for creating/editing/deleting application waivers.


Administer Appointments

Administer appointments

Appointments User

Allows for access to appointments

View Appointments

View appointments. Cannot edit, delete, or create

My Appointments

View/Create/Edit/Delete appointments assigned to me, create/edit/delete availability, configure settings


Access Campaigns451

Allows basic access to the campaigns dashboard and analytics.

Administer Templates

Allows for create/edit/delete of templates.

Administer Communications

Allows for create/edit/delete of communications.

Administer Campaigns

Allows for create/edit/delete of communications and templates.

Edit Own Communications*

Edit only Communications authored by the user.

View Communications*

Allows user to view all campaigns but cannot edit.

Edit My Team Communications*

Edit communications authored by any member of my team.

Create Tags*

Create a Tag.

Delete Tags*

Delete a Tag.

Edit Tags*

Edit all Tags.

Send Communications*

Send all communications.

Send Own Communications*

Send only communications authored by the user.

Send My Team Communications *

Send communications authored by any member of my team.

*For these permissions to function as intended, the user must also have the Access Campaigns permission enabled.


Access Conversations451

Allows for creating/editing conversations.

Administer Conversations

Allows for creating/editing conversations and rules.

Manage Conversations

Allows for deleting conversations.


Access Decision Overview

Allows basic access to the decision section.

Administer Decision Applications

Administer the decision applications.

Administer Decision Settings

Allows for creating/editing/deleting of decision module settings and users.

Access Decision451

Allows basic access to the decision section.

Access Decision Reports

Allows access to the admin reports.

Element451 Core


Administer Dashboards

Administer all dashboards.

Access Dashboards

Access dashboards feature.


Access Import/Export

Allows basic access to the import, export, and templates data section.

Administer Data Templates

Allows for creating/editing/deleting data import and export templates.

Administer Fields Settings

Create/edit/delete any field settings.

Administer Documents

Create/edit/delete documents

Administer Data Sources

Create/edit/delete any data source.

Access Data451

Allows basic access to the data section.

Administer Import/Export

Allows for creating/editing/deleting import jobs, export jobs, and data templates.

Administer Custom Fields

Create/edit/delete custom fields.

Administer Source Codes

Create/edit/delete any source codes.

Administer Connectors

Allows for creating/editing/deleting data connectors.

Administer Knowledge Base

Allows for creating/editing/deleting knowledge base articles.


Manage Journeys

Create, update, delete, and list journeys

Manage Journeys Users

Add, remove, move, and list journeys users

View Journeys

List journeys


Administer Organizations

Administer organizations


Execute Packs

Access to execute packs


Edit People Profiles

Update people profiles

Delete Labels

Delete any label from the labels section

Administer People Profiles

View and update people profiles

Deactivate People Profile

Activate/deactivate a person’s record

View People Profiles

View-only access to people's profiles

Delete People Profile

Permanently delete a person’s record and its resources

Edit Labels

Edit any label

Administer Duplicates

Merge duplicates

Administer Labels

Create/edit/delete any label

Administer Profile Templates

Create/Edit Profile Templates

Administer People Application Details

View and update people application details from profiles

See Full SSN

View the entire SSN

Administer Territories

Create/edit/delete any territory

Edit Territory Opt-in/Opt-Out

Ability to change territory opt-in/opt-out

Change Password

Change a person’s password.

See Data Quality Issues

Be able to see data quality issue alerts.

Login To Person Application

Be able to impersonate a person and log in to their application.

See All Sent Email/SMS Content

View content that was sent to the contact.

See Sent Email/SMS Content - Sensitive Info Redacted

View content with sensitive information removed from the preview.


Edit Own Segments

Edit only segments authored by the user.

Edit Segments

Edit all segments.

Administer Segments

Allows for creating/editing/deleting segments.

Add Labels to Segment

Add labels to people via segments.

Administer Segment Folders

Allows for creating/editing/deleting of segment folders.

Create Segment

Create a segment.

Administer Segment Tags

Allows for creating/editing/deleting segment tags.

Delete Segments

Delete only segments authored by the user.


Administer Settings

Access to the client settings section

Administer Deposits

Allows for creating/editing/deleting deposits

Administer Privacy Settings

Allows access to the client privacy settings section

Administer Phone Numbers

Create/edit/delete phone numbers


Access Surveys

Access surveys

Administer Surveys

Administer surveys


View Tasks

See tasks, subscribe or unsubscribe to tasks

Tasks User

Create/edit/delete tasks

Administer Tasks

Create/edit/delete to-do tasks and types and notes

Administer Task Queues

Create/edit/delete task queues


Administer Internal Users

Create and invite internal users

Administer Departments List

Allows for creating/editing/deleting departments under settings


Access Events

Allows basic access to the events section

Administer Event451

Allows Admin access to create/delete/edit

Administer Event Attendees

Allows for creating/editing/deleting event attendees, and viewing attendees tab.

Insights451 - Predict


Use Predict API

Element451 Insights

Access General Dashboard

Allow access to the general insights dashboard

Access Tasks Performance Dashboard

Allow access to the tasks performance insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Campaigns Dashboard

Allow access to the campaigns insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Events Dashboard

Allow access to the events insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Funnel Dashboard

Allow access to the funnel insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Sources Dashboard

Allow access to the sources insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Conversations Dashboard

Allow access to the conversations insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Web Activities Dashboard

Allow access to the web activities insights dashboard and Q topic

Access Management Dashboard

Allow access to the management insights dashboard and Q topic


Access Pages

Allows basic access to the pages section

Administer Pages

Allows for creating/editing/deleting pages

Publish Pages

Allows for publishing pages


Access Prospect451

Allows basic access to the prospects section

Administer Forms

Allows for creating/editing/deleting forms


Administer Sites

Allows for creating/editing/deleting sites

Access Sites

Allows basic access to the sites section

Publish Sites

Allows for publishing sites

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