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Permissions Updates | September 2023
Permissions Updates | September 2023

Changes to the Internal Users (system) Permission Group and other Permissions Updates.

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Based on partner feedback, we've adjusted some permission groups and added additional permissions to provide more fine-grained control over access to certain features.

Changes to the default Internal Users Permission Group

This permission group is given to all Element451 users. It had permissions attached that provided access to features such as webhooks and viewing Tasks that should not have been assigned broadly. We've removed these extraneous permissions. In most cases, those permissions were duplicated by other groups for users who needed access to those features, so most users will not see any issues as a result of this change.
However, if you've lost access to a feature please contact your Element451 captain to verify your permissions.

This group now only has the following permissions:

  • Access Dashboards on Overview

  • View and Update People Profiles

Additional Permissions

We've added a few new permissions giving Element451 admins greater control over access to certain features.

  • Administer Knowledge Base: Allows for creating/editing/deleting knowledge sources.

  • Administer Organizations: Allows for creating/editing/deleting Organizations.

  • Login to Person Application: Allows the user to log in to a student's application portal from the person's profile.

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