Creating a Segment
Learn about the two ways to create a segment and pick which is best for you.
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To create a new Segment, first, navigate to Contacts and then to the People module.

Click the blue "plus" icon in the bottom right. This button will bring you to the People screen that lists everyone's profile. You could also start directly from the People screen.

Path 1: Add Filters

Just above the list of people is a line that says "Segment: None โ†’ Add Filter."

Clicking the Add Filter button will bring up a list of filters. You can then input text to the Find Filter bar and select the field by which you would like to filter.

You can also sort the properties by Type. For this screenshot, we have selected Tasks as the Type.

The different property types are Attributes, Activity, Relationships, Tasks, and Decisions. Attributes are the most commonly used filter type. Learn more about filters here.

To build your Segment, add as many filters as needed. When you have applied all of the filters you want, you can save the Segment by clicking the Save as New Segment icon to the right below your filters. From here, you could also Clear the filters or Apply Segment and see the list those filters pull.

Saved Segments can later be reloaded and used in other Element451 modules. They can always be found in the Segmentation section of the People module.

Path 2: Load a Segment

If you want to efficiently create a Segment similar to one that already exists, we recommend using the Load a Segment option. This way, you can make small modifications to an existing Segment rather than re-building it from scratch.

To load an existing Segment, click on either "Segment" or "None" below People.ย 

Search for and select one of your existing segments.

Add to or adjust the filters as needed. When you are finished, use the icons in the bottom right of the filter section to Save as New Segment. You can also close the segment so as not to save the modified Segment.

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