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Introduction to Filters

Filters are the core of how Segments are built in Element451. They narrow down groups of people based on certain conditions you establish when you set up and combine filters. Filters give Segments the power to gain information about your prospects, applicants, admits, and enrolled students. They also help you send out personalized communications and content. 

To input a filter, click the "Add Filter" button and search for the property by which you would like to sort. To help you find the property, you can also filter the properties themselves by Type. The different Types are Popular, Attributes, Activity, Relationships, Tasks, Decisions, and Documents.

This page will now go through the different property types and how to use them.

Filter Property Types


Attributes refer to demographic and other characteristics about people. Examples include a student's name, email address, preferred major, and application term. When you build a filter, first select a Group, such as First Name as shown in this example.

Once you have selected the property, you can select the Operator. Operator options vary depending on the kind of data. Here let's choose "contains" to capture anyone with a first name that contains a specified string of characters.

Once you have chosen an Operator, the Value field will appear. Here you can indicate what you would like all the first names you pull to contain. Note that text in Element451 is case-sensitive.

Once you have finished setting up the filter, click "Submit" to add it to your Segment.


The Activity properties relate to actions students have taken, such as created an account or submitted an application. These properties help you keep track of how people are interacting with your communications, applications, and other efforts.

For these actions, you can filter based on how many times the student did the activity and within what time window.


The Relationships properties allow you to search for people who have a relationship with someone else matching specific criteria.

This Segment filters for users who have a parent-child relationship in which the related person has Address City Raleigh.


Tasks is the project management feature in Element451 with which you can assign counselors jobs that occur outside of Element. These assignments could be mailing a Viewbook, calling the prospect, or conducting an interview.

You can learn more about Tasks here. To filter based on these properties, use the Tasks type in Segments.

In this example, the Segment will filter for all Tasks with Status Done.


Decisions properties filter for different aspects of the Decisions process, such as whether a student has missing checklist items or who last reviewed the application.

In the above example, the Segment filters for applications that are assigned to Element451 Support as the Reviewer.


Documents allow you to search for documents that have been created, mapped to fields, tags, etc. One of the most commonly used searches is the Document Type which allows you to segment if specific document types have been submitted.

📙 Note: There is a small dropdown menu in the top left of your filters. The options here are "All" and "Any," and they serve a similar function as the "and" and "or" options in the previous version of segments. Use that dropdown menu to determine whether you want a student pulled in that Segment to meet All the filters or Any of them.

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