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Supplemental Application Forms
Supplemental Application Forms

Learn how to add supplemental forms to your applications.

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Element451 offers flexibility in collecting additional information from applicants. Whether verifying residency, gathering enrollment agreements, or anything in between, Supplemental Application Forms are your go-to feature.

Important Notes:

  • It is possible to add one Supplemental Form to multiple Applications. However, each Form will be treated independently. If a Form is attached to multiple applications, applicants must complete the same Form for each Application they submit.

  • Supplemental Forms in Element451 are designed to pre-populate fields with existing data whenever possible to make the application process as efficient as possible. This reduces the time applicants spend filling out forms and improves the accuracy of the information collected.

  • Supplemental Forms are automatically added as a checklist item to the relevant Application.

This guide is designed to help you seamlessly create and integrate these forms into your admissions process, ensuring you gather all the necessary information.

Creating and Managing Supplemental Forms

Creating a Supplemental Form

  1. Navigate to Applications > Applications > Supplemental Forms.

  2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner.

  3. Replace 'untitled' at the top of the side sheet with a name for your Supplemental Form. This name is for internal reference only.

  4. If you wish for a PDF to be generated for every form submission, use the toggle to activate that feature. By default, it will be disabled. This feature can be beneficial for record-keeping and ensuring all necessary documentation is easily accessible.

  5. Click the Add Field button to select the fields and field groups you'd like to add to the Form. These are the questions and information you need from your applicants.

  6. When you're finished, click Create in the top right corner.

  7. Once the Supplemental Form has been created, you can add it to an existing Application.

Email and password fields are unavailable for supplemental application forms to maintain data integrity and avoid conflicts.

Check out creating a Supplemental Form in action 👇

Editing + Deleting Supplemental Forms

  1. Navigate to Applications > Applications > Supplemental Forms.

    • To edit, click the pencil icon to the right of the Supplemental Form you wish to edit. Edit as needed. Your changes will be saved automatically.

    • To delete, click the trash can icon to the right of the Supplemental Form you wish to delete. You will be prompted to confirm the action.

Adding Supplemental Forms to Applications

Once your Form has been created, you can add it to an Application. Applications can support multiple Supplemental Forms, depending on your needs.

  1. Navigate to Applications > Applications > All Applications.

  2. Locate and click on the Application name to which you want to add the Supplemental Form.

  3. From the Application editor, locate and click on Supplemental Forms in the lefthand menu under Content.

  4. When you add Supplemental Forms to an Application, they are added in the Form of Steps. To add a form, click the Add Step button.

  5. Configure General Settings:

    • Name: The name added when creating the Supplemental Form is for internal reference. However, the name you add here will be visible to the applicant on the Application.

    • Description: The description appears at the top of the Supplemental Form for applicants to see before completing.

    • Supplemental Form: Select the Supplemental Form from the drop-down menu you wish to add to the Application. Click Add in the top right corner to attach the supplemental Form to the Application.

  6. Add Conditional Logic if you wish to display the Form to certain applicants. For example, international students may have different residency requirement forms than domestic students, or some health science programs require additional forms. Using this feature, you can set the logic of the forms accordingly.

  7. Custom Sidebar: The custom sidebar provides the same functionality here as it does in your Application—it displays help text within the Tips and Info button shown in the top right corner of the dashboard header.

    • The sidebar has a main header (Sidebar Title), and then there can be Paragraphs with separate headings under it. This section can be used for various things but was designed to provide quick access to helpful information the applicant may be looking for.

      • To edit the Sidebar Title, click the pencil icon.

      • To add a Paragraph, click + Add Paragraph. Then, use the editor to add a Paragraph Title and Body Text. If you choose, you can add multiple paragraphs.

Check out adding a Supplemental Form to an Application in action 👇

A Supplemental Form can be linked to multiple Applications but is filled out separately by applicants for each Application. Element451 aims to streamline the process by pre-populating fields with known data and automatically adding each Form as a checklist item in the Application, with options for PDF generation. Learn more about generating PDFs from forms.

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