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Element451 Event Plug-In for WordPress by Spark451
Element451 Event Plug-In for WordPress by Spark451
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The Element451 Event Plug-in by Spark451 is the bridge between your CRM and your WordPress CMS.

By bridging the power of Element451 with the flexibility of WordPress, you can engage your audience more effectively, ensuring they never miss an event. Simplify your event management process and enhance the user experience, all while saving time and resources.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Easily display events from your Element451 CRM directly on your WordPress site. No coding is required.

  • Dynamic Sync: No more manual updates. The plug-in syncs in real-time with your CRM, ensuring that your site always displays the most up-to-date event information.

  • Feature Priority: Ensure your audience sees what's most important. Featured events from your CRM automatically take precedence in the display, drawing attention to where it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find the Element451 Events Plug-In for Wordpress?

A: The plug-in is supplied by the dedicated WordPress developers at Spark451 and is a free download from GitHub.

Q: How do I get the API keys that the plugin asks for?

A: Contact your Element451 Implementation Strategist or contact our support team.

Q: How do I embed the events block on my WordPress site?

A: To add the Element451 Events block to your website, include the shortcode [element451_events] wherever you want the block to appear. Use the options above to customize how events appear.

Q: Does the plug-in support registration on my website?
A: No. Your visitors will still click on the event display and be brought to your Element451 Event portal.

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