Search for a person using the smart search bar.
You can search for a user by name or email address instantly in the search bar.

Find a Person (or People) by other Characteristics or Things They've Done (e.g. Clicked a Link in an Email)

  1. Click the blue plus sign next to "People who have." A window will open with groups, properties, and constraints (learn more about filters).
  1. After you've selected the group and property that matches how you want to search, you'll be prompted to choose a constraint. Constraints looks at the specific value of a property. 
  2. In the operator field of the constraint, select "contains".
  3. In the Value field, enter the characteristic of the person you're searching for, such as an actual address or entry term. Click Save. People whose profiles that fit the filters you saved will show in the results page.

If you want to search by something they've done, click the plus sign next to "and did." You'll follow the same steps as above but for properties such as "opened email" and "submitted form."

Now that you've found a specific user(s), learn how to delete, deactivate, and change their profile.

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