When you complete Part 1 of creating your application, the first step of your application will automatically be created. You can then customize it, add fields, and create more steps. When applicants view the live application each step will appear like a page of the application. 

Creating the Application - Part 2
Begin by renaming the first step of the application by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the step and selecting Rename Step. Name your step and click Save. In this example, we're naming it "Personal and Contact Information."


Adding Sections
Now you can add sections within a step. Sections are collapsible, individually titled topic areas within a particular step. From the wireframe we created to plan our application, we know that this step will need 2 sections: Personal Information and Address.

To add the first section, click on Add Section. Give it a title.

Click Save.

To create additional sections, follow the same steps. In our example, we'll create one for Address Information.

We now have two clickable sections inside of our step. 

Adding Fields
To add fields to a section, click the section to open it. In this example, we'll start with Personal Information.

Next, select Add a New Field. You can select individual fields or field groupings. Field groupings are fields that are commonly combined together, saving you the time of individually adding them.

We're going to add the field grouping of Name, Home Phone, and Cell Phone. Then individual fields for Date of Birth and Email. 

Customizing Fields
When you add fields you have the ability to modify them:

  • Label: The name of the field the applicant sees 

  • Description: internal note about the field.

  • Required: Does the applicant need to fill in the field in order to submit the application?

  • Hidden: allows you to hide the field, when no longer needed, without having to delete it.

  • Help Text: A phrase or short sentence to guide what the applicant enters. Consider using examples of what to enter as your help text.

  • Field Size: How much of the line do you want the field to take up?

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