Decision451 provides a checklist option where you can specify what you need from an applicant before the evaluation process can be completed. This checklist is visible to both the student and the reviewer, and each checklist item can be conditionally visible or required based on various features of the applicant (i.e. TOEFL scores for international students, or GRE scores for graduate applicants). Building Checklist items is a multistep process, so let's take a look at each step.

First, navigate to the Checklist Tab within Decision Settings.

Next, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to provide some initial setup information.

Do you want the rule to be active as soon as you save it, and will it be a required or optional item for your applicants?

There are four options for Checklist Item Type:

  • The Condition type allows you to set up conditions so that an item is automatically checked off when those conditions are met.

  • The Custom type requires that you manually check off the item.

  • Transcript corresponds to any transcripts you might require from the applicants (and automatically populates with the school's name, as long as the student found their school in the Element451 database).

  • The One-off checklist item provides extra customization and enables you to add a checklist item to an applicant ad-hoc due to unexpected circumstances.

Next, choose a name and description. Both the name and the description are visible to the applicants, so make sure you give adequate details and instructions if needed.

The next tab is the Works For tab. Here you can select which applications you want this checklist item to be available for.

The last tab is the Visible To tab. Here you can use the segment builder to more precisely define who should see this item. Do you require a specific test score for certain degrees? Maybe you need a TOEFL or IELTS exam for anyone whose country of citizenship isn't the United States? This tab is where you will specify details like these.

Once you are all set with your checklist item, click Create. The new item will appear in the list. If you selected Custom, Transcript, or One-off for the criteria type, you're done. If you selected Conditional, you can now add more information using the funnel button:

Click this button to build a segment that will automatically mark complete the criteria you have selected based on certain conditions.

Note: In order to make the checklist item viewable to applicants, you must go into each of your applications and add the Checklist Card. First, navigate to your application editor and the Application module and find the Dashboard Content section. Select Add Card, then choose Checklist Card as the type.

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