Worried about running that new data import and creating issues in your Element451 instance?  Now you can test your import before actually committing your import to the database.  

Set up your import as you always have-- configure the source, mappings and matching criteria-- then click on the "Run Task" Tab. Click on the "Test Task" to run test. 

Once the test has completed click on "See Result." 

This will take you to the Result Info screen. 

Here you'll be able to see details on your test run including the number of records added, updated and skipped (usually due to data errors).  Remember this is just a simulation, no actual database updates have occurred. 

You'll also be able to see which rows in your source file have failed and why. If you want to update your column mapping settings you can click on the gear icon. However, many times you'll want to fix the data in your source file and reattached file. You can see from the example below the skipped rows are the result of poorly formatted data. 

Once you have made all the adjustments to your column mappings and data you can return to the Run Task tab to Run or Schedule your task as you have in the past. 

The Results Tab will now provide details of each run and test run of the associated task. 


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