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Why is a Contact not in the Workflow or Rule?
Why is a Contact not in the Workflow or Rule?

Suggested troubleshooting tips to resolve any potential problems with excluding Contacts from your Workflow or Rule.

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Element451's workflows are designed to streamline and automate your processes, ensuring Contacts progress smoothly through each step. However, there are instances where a Contact might not advance as expected.

Below is a list of suggested troubleshooting tips to resolve any potential problems that may be causing Contacts to be excluded from your Workflow or Rule:

Verify Contact Meets Conditions

  • Navigate to the Contact's profile.

  • Confirm that the Contact meets all the conditions specified.

Inspect Step Conditions + Segment Triggers

  • Ensure there's congruence between the step conditions and segment triggers. For example, confirm that the segment doesn't exclude Contacts who fail to meet the conditions.

Inspect Delays

  • Review all delays, especially those relative to the previous step.

  • Confirm that the delays are correctly configured.

Inspect Communication Statistics

  • Check for email bounce rates and recipient status.

  • Investigate if there are issues, such as incorrect email addresses, or if the Contact has opted out of receiving emails from your institution.

Inspect Your Segments

  • Revisit your segment(s) and ensure they are filtering Contacts as intended.

Pro Tip: When configuring your Workflow or Rule, it's imperative to activate it before adding any Triggers. Adding triggers before activation can result in students who have joined the segment not progressing as they should.

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