Workflows are one of the most powerful tools in Element451. If a user is not moving through your Workflow as expected, we recommend going through this checklist:

  • Check the student against the step conditions. Visit the user's profile and be sure that they meet the relevant conditions.

  • Check the step conditions against segment triggers. Make sure that the segment does not only include students that do not meet the step conditions, for example.

  • Check any specified delays, especially those that are relative to the last step. Be sure the delays are set up correctly and all required information is filled in.

  • Check communication statistics for bounce rates and the recipient status. Perhaps the student has given an incorrect email address or unsubscribed from emails from your institution.

  • Go back to your segment(s) and check that your segment(s) is filtering students as expected.

Tip: When setting up your Workflow, it is important that you do not add a "Trigger" until after the Workflow is "Active." If the trigger exists before the Workflow is activated, students who "Joined Segment," for example, will not move through the Workflow.

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