Transitioning your conversations with students between email and SMS is easier than ever before.

⚠ Remember, SMS messages are limited to 1600 characters.

⚠ Keep this in mind when switching from email to SMS.

To begin switching channels, navigate to Engagement, then Conversations, and click on All Conversations.

In the Conversations page, you will see all the conversations. Select the conversation that you would like to switch the channel with by clicking on that conversation.

Within that conversation, will indicate which channel you are communicating with either email or SMS message. In this above example, you can see that the person is communicating within the email channel.

To switch the channel to SMS, click on the three dots and click on switch channel. Now Communication can be transitioned from email to SMS with a click of that button.

After clicking on switch channel, new conversation opens up. At this point the conversation has switch to SMS. Now you are able to have a conversation by SMS communications.

Within that new SMS communication, that conversation is at the top and you can see that the new SMS channel was used at it is indicated. As a user, you can switch between the two channels as many times as needed.

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