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The Conversations module in Element451 allows users to engage in ongoing emails with students, prospects, and other contacts.

Joining an Existing Email Conversation

SMS conversation threads are denoted in your inbox with a cell phone icon.

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Conversations > All Conversations

  2. Locate and select the message you wish to join

  3. Click Join Conversation at the bottom

Starting a New Email Conversation

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Conversations > All Conversations

  2. Click the New Conversation button in the top right corner

  3. Select the channel - Email

  4. Complete the fields:

    • Recipient: Search to find the intended recipient.

    • Message: Compose your email message. You can include a CoVideo, Loom video, emoji, files, or images. Or, try out our AI-powered writing assistant, Copilot.

    • Subject: Compose your email subject line. Or, try out our AI-powered writing assistant, Copilot, to help generate a headline.

    • From Email: If your institution has multiple email addresses connected, select the email account from which you would like to send the message.

    • Participants: Add one or more internal participants to loop others into the conversation. Participants receive email notifications for all responses by a student. You are automatically added as the first participant when you create a new conversation.

    • Assignee: If you want to assign the conversation to an individual participant, this can also be completed on this screen. A conversation can only have one assignee.

  5. When everything is as you want, click Send to send the email and open a new conversation.

New Email Conversations from Inbound Email Messages

When using Element451's Email Inbox feature, inbound messages can create new email conversations. When an email is received in the Inbox, Element451 evaluates the message to see if the inbound email is associated with a known contact record by checking against the Primary Email, Email Identity, and School Email Identity fields.
To prevent spam and emails not relevant to a known contact from entering Conversations, Element451 does not create conversations or store emails messaged from unknown email addresses.

Email Settings

Saved Replies

To add, edit, and delete saved replies, navigate to Engagement > Conversations > Settings > Email.

You can also add and manage saved replies when creating a new conversation. Click on the Saved Replies button under the message text box to open Saved Replies.

Adding Additional Email Inboxes

Connecting multiple inboxes gives you the flexibility to choose from multiple sender email addresses. To learn more about adding additional email inboxes, click here.

Email Manual Unsubscribe

To learn more about the process of manually unsubscribing a person from email subscriptions, click here.

Automating with Rules

You can tag, assign, automatically reply, close conversations, and more by using Conversation Rules. To learn more about configuring Conversation Rules, click here.


BoltBot: AI-Powered ChatBot

BoltBot can be enabled to reply to new inbound messages. For more information about BoltBot, click here.

Copilot: AI-Powered Writing Assistant

Copilot for Conversations is an AI-powered tool to assist you with automated and customized responses. It can generate replies based on message context or user prompts. Copilot simplifies drafting by improving writing, fixing spelling and grammar, shortening text, expanding details, changing tone, and translating. It also summarizes conversations into shareable notes. Copilot saves you time by automating repetitive communication tasks. For more information on Copilot for Conversations, click here.

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