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Connecting Individual/Group Email Inboxes + Email Forwarding
Connecting Individual/Group Email Inboxes + Email Forwarding

Connect your individual or shared email accounts as inboxes in Conversations.

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You can connect your individual or shared team email (Google or Outlook) to your Element451 Conversations inbox for centralized message management. This allows you to view and respond to all prospective student inquiries, whether they contacted you by email or within an Element451 chat, from one unified inbox. This functionality is achieved through email forwarding.

Only emails matching existing records in Element451 will be forwarded to Conversations and attached to student records.

What happens to emails sent to a connected inbox?

Connecting an Individual or Shared Email Account

  1. To connect an inbox, navigate to Engagement > Conversations > Settings

  2. In Conversations Settings, click + Connect Inbox

  3. Click Email

  4. Then, select the provider of the email you wish to add:

    • Gmail = Individual Email Account

    • Google Group = Group Email Account

    • Outlook (Office 365) = Individual Email Account

    • Outlook Groups (Office 365) = Group Email Account

    • Other Email Account = For non-Google or Outlook accounts

  5. Watch the corresponding video to take you through the easy step-by-step process of how to connect your group/shared inbox to Element451.

    • Note: When confirming inbox forwarding with Google, you can use either a code or a link.

      ​Gmail - Video Tutorial

      ​Office 365 - Video Tutorial


Experiencing an issue with configuring your email inbox through forwarding? Check out our article, Email Inbox and Forwarding and Troubleshooting.

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