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Email Inbox and Forwarding and Troubleshooting
Email Inbox and Forwarding and Troubleshooting

Common issues and solutions when configuring and using shared inboxes and email forwarding.

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This article provides solutions and best practices for common issues experienced by partners when configuring and using connected email inboxes in Conversations.

#1: Missing Emails

Issue: I have connected and configured my email account, but only some of my emails appear in my Element451 inbox.

Solution: When you add an inbox to Element451, emails sent to your connected custom address will be forwarded to Element451. We will then search for a match to an existing person record (student) in Element451. If we find a match, a threaded conversation will be created. However, if no match is found, we will exclude/not retain that email. This means only emails sent to you from an email address associated with a userโ€™s record in your Element451 instance will be displayed in your inbox. This is likely why you have noticed some emails missing.

Below is a visual representation of how the email forwarding feature works:

#2: Blank Emails and Forward SMS Messages

Issue: An external user (student) is receiving blank emails and/or SMS messages that start with "FW:" like the example below:

Solution: This is likely the result of forwarding emails to an email address you have configured as an inbox in Element451. Do not forward emails between addresses set up as connected inboxes. This will result in our system thinking the forwarded message is a reply and will be sent to the student.

#3: Spinning Button When Testing

Issue: After connecting and configuring an email account, I am performing a forwarding test, but the button remains in a spinning state.

Solution: The spinning button indicates our system is awaiting the forwarded email. If it persists, there might be a configuration issue. Review your email client's policies regarding forwarding to external/remote domains. It's possible there are policies/rules preventing Element451 from receiving the test email. Return to your email client settings to double-check your configuration and investigate any potential policies blocking the forward. Then, retry the test. If unsure of how to check your email policies/rules, consult your IT department or refer to your email provider's help center for assistance.

#4: Unable to Confirm Inbox

Issue: I've set up the forwarding according to the instructions, but I'm unable to confirm the inbox.

Solution: Sometimes, your organization's email settings include a rule preventing email forwarding to external organizations, including To confirm this, contact your organization's IT support and see if there is such a rule in place and if there is a way to whitelist the Element451 domain. Search for the term 'forwarding' in your inbox and look for an email from Outlook that contains something similar to this:

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