Switching Conversation Channels

Learn about switching channels within Conversations.

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It's easy to transition your conversations with students between email and SMS.

⚠ Remember, SMS messages are limited to 1600 characters.

⚠ Keep this in mind when switching from email to SMS.

How to Switch Channels

  1. To begin switching channels, navigate to Engagement > Conversations > All Conversations.

  2. Locate and click on the conversation where you want to switch channels.

    Note: Every conversation thread in your inbox has an icon on the top right corner, indicating the channel used for that particular thread. As seen in the example below, the email icon shows that the person is communicating through the email channel.

  3. To switch the channel to SMS, click on the three dots at the top and click Switch Channel.

  4. After clicking on Switch Channel, a new conversation sheet slides out. At this point the conversation has switched to SMS and you can send your message.

  5. You will notice that your new conversation is at the top of your inbox (on the right-hand side), indicated by the cell phone icon.

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