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Email Renderings in Outlook

Learn about the limitations of Outlook when it comes to displaying campaign emails to your recipients.

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Element451's Campaigns module is designed to work best with modern web and mobile-based email clients. Some versions of Microsoft Outlook use older rendering engines that do not support modern HTML and CSS features commonly used in modern email design, like those used in Element451. As a result, emails may not always display as expected in Outlook, even though they may look fine in other email clients (including the Element451 preview mode).

Outlook Limitations to Note

  • Background images are not supported in all versions of Outlook.

  • Inline images are not supported in all versions of Outlook.

  • Some advanced style options for buttons may revert to basic styling (rounded vs square buttons).

  • Outlook may render components slightly different from what you see in Element's Preview mode.

Reasons for Outlook Limitations

As mentioned above, it results from Outlook's older rendering engine.

  • Limited HTML and CSS Support

    • Microsoft Outlook uses its own rendering engine, which has limited modern HTML and CSS standards support. As a result, email designs that rely on advanced CSS properties may not display as intended.

  • Differing Image Rendering

    • Outlook may render images differently from other email clients. This can lead to image size, alignment, or quality discrepancies, especially when using background images or applying specific styling.

  • Outlook Version Variations

    • Different versions of Outlook (e.g., Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, Outlook for Office 365) may exhibit varying rendering behaviors.

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