How to Manage a Rule

Learn how to manage, edit, and view the activity in your Rule.

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This article provides a comprehensive overview of managing your Rules effectively.

  • Editing a Rule: Learn how to modify your Rule, whether it's adjusting the schedule, adding actions, or refining conditions.

  • Manually Run a Scheduled Run: Learn how to force a Rule to run between scheduled runs.

  • Reviewing Rule Activity: Review the list of Contacts enrolled in the Rule and the specifics related to the individual run.

Editing a Rule

To edit a Rule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Data + Automations > Workflows > Rules.

  2. Locate and click on the name of the Rule you want to edit.

Change Rule Name

Put your cursor in the name, delete it, and type the new name.

Reorder or Duplicate Rule Steps

  • Reorder: Click on the double-sided arrow icon in the top left corner of the step and drag and drop the step to the desired location.

  • Duplicate a Step: Click on the duplicate icon in the top right corner of the step.

Edit Actions, Conditions

Click on any component of the Rule you want to edit.

Starting and Stopping Rules

Navigate to the drop-down menu near the rule's name that says Active or Inactive, depending on its current state. Set it to Active if you want it to run or Inactive if you want it to stop running.

Manually Run a Scheduled Rule

If you have a situation where you need a Rule to execute between scheduled runs, you can force a manual run. To do this, click the Run Now button under the Schedule.

Reviewing Rule Activity

The Activity Tab

Navigating to Activity at the top of the Rule will show you the activity feed for the Rule. The activity feed displays a log of users processed by the Rule.

  • Use the Filter by Person to quickly find a User in the log list.

  • Click the eye icon next to a user's log to open the complete details about the execution. This side sheet displays the results of conditions and the status and results of each action taken.

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