What You’ll Learn

  • How to edit a workflow

  • How to stop and start a workflow

  • About monitoring how many people have entered and exited

  • How to check who is in a workflow

With your workflow up and running, you may want to adjust it — shorten or extend a delay, for example, or add another action or condition to a step.

You’ll also want to check in to see who’s in it and who has completed it. We’ll show you how to edit a workflow as well as take a look at the workflow tabs that help you identify how people are moving through the workflow.


This is the first tab you are brought to when opening a workflow or after completing the initial creation.

Change the workflow’s name:

  1. Put your cursor in the name and delete and type the new name.

Reorder steps:

  1. Click on the left hand corner of the step and drag and drop the step to the desired location.

Edit delays, actions, conditions:

  1. Click on the part of the step you want to edit or remove and make your adjustments.

Keep in mind:

  • Delay, action, and condition edits are automatically applied to the workflow. You don’t need to manually save them.

  • If a person is already in a workflow only changes to steps that they haven’t reached yet will affect them.

Stop and Start

Stop a workflow that’s running:

  1. Go to the drop down menu near the name of the workflow that says Active. Set it to Inactive.

Keep in mind:

  • People who are already in the workflow will stop where they are in the workflow. They won’t receive any further communications or have the actions that the workflow defined applied to their accounts.

  • No new people will be added to the workflow unless it’s restarted.

Start a workflow that’s not running:

  1. Go to the drop down menu near the name of the workflow that says Inactive. Set it to Active.

How Many People Are in Each Step

The View tab shows how people are moving through your workflow. It displays the workflow steps and indicates how many people have entered and exited each step.

To see who is part of the workflow, move over to the People tab.

Who’s In the Workflow

On the People tab you can see a list of who has been enrolled in the workflow.

You’ll see the person’s name, status in the workflow (active or finished), when they were added, and which step they are on. To view a person’s profile, click the eye symbol on the far right.

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