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BoltBot Skills are designed to help students get information and complete tasks conversationally. They enable BoltBot to assist with applications, event registrations, inquiries, and more.

Below, we will explain the details of each skill. To enable/disable skills, navigate to BoltBot Settings (Engagement > Conversations > Settings > BoltBot).

Basic Skills

  • Start an Application: Walks the student through an application.

  • Get Application Status: Fetches current application status for the student.

  • Application Status Checklist: Fetches the status of the student's checklist.

  • Register for Event: Walks the student through registering for an event.

  • Common App Knowledge: BoltBot uses data from Common App.

  • Financial App Knowledge: BoltBot uses data from

Advanced Skills

Team Member Handoff

BoltBot can transfer the conversation to a human agent on your team if the student requests it or if BoltBot can't resolve the student's inquiry.

Schedule Appointments

When enabled, BoltBot will walk the student through scheduling an appointment. The process for this is as follows:

  1. The student selects appointment type + time

  2. BoltBot finds all users available for that type/time

  3. BoltBot checks if the student has an assignee in that list of available users

    • If yes, the appointment will be booked with that assignee

    • If not, BoltBot will move to the next step

  4. BoltBot runs a count for all appointments in the next 30 days for the users in the list of available users

  5. BoltBot will book the appointment with the user with the smallest number of appointments.

Inquiry Flow

BoltBot's Inquiry Flow skill gathers key information from prospective students and submits an inquiry on their behalf. Think of it like a form.

Click here to view a preview of the inquiry flow in action.

How it Works

  1. When BoltBot detects the intent of the user as an inquiry to study at your institution, BoltBot will initiate the Inquiry Flow. Phrases such as these are examples of how BoltBot detects that intent:

    • I am interested in studying at Fire University.

    • I am interested in studying Biology.

    • Can you send me more info about Biology?

  2. BoltBot will then ask the student to provide the following information:

    • Intended major

    • Intended term

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email address

  3. After gathering the information, BoltBot will take the following actions:

    • If the student has an existing record, a prospect milestone will be added.

    • If the student record does not exist, a user will be created with a prospect milestone.

Important Notes:

  • The Inquiry Flow skill must be enabled for BoltBot to launch the flow. To enable the skill, make sure the Inquiry Flow chip is green in BoltBot Settings.

  • When enabled, BoltBot can also list available majors and terms.

  • The inquiry submitted by BoltBot does not authenticate the user via the email address provided. The inquiry flow behaves the same as submitting a form.

  • Majors are matched using machine learning since they can vary semantically when entered as natural text. This could result in some mismatches particularly for majors with similar names.

πŸš€ Pro Tip: Combine Conversation Starters with Inquiry Flow

You can make the Inquiry Flow even more effective by using conditional Conversation Starters to prompt students to kick off the flow.

For example, set up a Conversation Starter on your biology program page that says, "I'm interested in studying biology." When a student clicks on it, BoltBot will initiate the Inquiry Flow.

Here are some of the benefits of combining these features:

  • Drives more inquiries by prompting students in relevant contexts.

  • Collects more qualified leads by targeting key pages like academic programs.

  • Gathers more accurate major information since the major is directly prompted.

  • Provides a smoother experience by initiating the flow from a student prompt.

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