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This process is exactly the same for creating Sandbox and Live applications.
It is recommended to use meaningful names for the Application so later they are not confused with other Applications.

You should only share the keys with the Element451 team.

How to get Paypal Client ID and Secret Key


The only requirement is to have a PayPal account; if you don’t have one, create one first.


  1. Navigate to the Paypal website:

  2. Navigate to the Login screen by clicking on any “Log In” button.

  3. Entering your credentials will get you into the Dashboard.

  4. Click on your profile name/photo, on the right side top corner.

  5. From the dropdown menu click on “Account Settings.

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  6. On the new screen, on the tab “Account access,” click “Update” on the item “API access.”

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  7. On the new screen, on the question “How is Paypal set up on your website?,” click “Manage REST API apps and credentials” under the “REST API Integration” option.

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  8. On the new screen, click on “Paypal Developer experience.” This will take you to the Paypal Developer Dashboard where you can manage your integrations.

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  9. On the Developer Dashboard, under the “My Apps & Credentials” tab, you can see existing Sandbox and Live applications, or create new ones. Let’s create a Sandbox one to test the integration.

    Click “Sandbox” and then click “Create App.

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  10. On the creation screen, add a meaningful “App Name,” perhaps “Element451—Sandbox” for the sandbox App and “Element451—Live” for the Live App; choose “Merchant” as the “App Type” and select the default “Sandbox Business Account,” then click “Create App.”

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  11. On the resulting screen, you can see the App you just created.
    Where the “Client ID” and “Secret” keys reside, which are the Keys required for the Element451 integration.

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  12. By clicking on “Show” under “Secret” you can manage your secret keys for this Application.

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  13. Down below in that screen, you can configure the settings for the Application; we only need “Accept Payments” for this integration, so you can select only that option and then click “Save.

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    A warning might appear; just click “Continue.”

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