Milestones are the lifeblood of data in Element451! Milestones are defined as major events in the lifecycle of a user as they relate to higher education recruitment. A milestone marks the first occurrence of a particular event for a person. 

A list of all 13 milestone types is found below:

  • Created: user profile is created
  • Prospect: user has made an inquiry
  • Application Start: user has started an application
  • Application Submit: user has submitted an application
  • Hold: user's application is on hold
  • Denied: user's application has been denied
  • Waitlist: user has been placed on the waitlist for admission
  • Conditional Admit: user has been given a conditional offer of admission
  • Admit: user has been admitted
  • Deferred: user has deferred enrollment
  • Withdraw: user has withdrawn their application
  • Deposit: user has submitted a deposit
  • Enroll: user has completed all steps for enrollment

To see a user’s milestones, go to the tab Profile Info and then click on Milestones on the left-hand toolbar. Here you can see which milestones a user has reached and easily determine, for example, if they have started an application. Each milestone will have additional fields to collect metadata. For the “Application Start Date” milestone, for instance, that information could be which application the user started (i.e. undergraduate or graduate) in addition to the date that the application was started.

You can also manually add milestones to a user’s profile. To do so, click “Add Milestone” and then choose the Milestone Type. Based on the type you choose, you will be asked to fill in additional information.

Milestones are an important aspect of determining funnel stages, a useful way to filter your prospects and applicants. You can learn more about funnel stages here.

Note: Funnel stages are based on the milestone types listed above and in that order. To qualify for a particular funnel stage, a user cannot have any milestones for further stages.

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