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Discover what funnel stages are and gain insights into best practices for utilizing them.

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Overview of Funnel Stages

Element451's funnel stage filter is a versatile segment builder that enables you to create a segment based on a specific stage of the higher education funnel. For instance, you can easily generate a list of individuals who have submitted an application or all those who have submitted a deposit. The funnel stages are determined based on the milestones of each user, and we've listed the definitions of each funnel stage below. Funnel stages are highly effective segment builders that can be utilized for exports, rules, and more.

📙 Note: We recommend familiarizing yourself with segments and milestones before working with funnel stages.

List of Funnel Stages

The stages of the funnel and their associated milestones are as follows. For a list of milestone types in order, please refer to this resource.

Funnel Stage


Milestone Type


The user/student has created a user profile but does not have any of the further stage milestones

Created Date


The user/student has a “Date of Inquiry” in milestones but has not yet started an application.

Date of Inquiry

Application in Progress

The user/student has started an application but has not yet submitted it

Application Start Date

Application Submitted

The user/student has submitted an application but is not yet on Hold or has not reached a decision milestone (Denied, Waitlist, Conditional Admit)

Application Submit Date

On Hold

The user/student is on hold but has not reached a further stage milestone (Denied, Waitlist, Conditional Admit)

On Hold


The user/student has been denied admission

Deny Date


The user/student has been put on the waitlist for admission

Waitlist Date


The user/student has been given an offer of admission

Admitted Date

Conditional Admit

The user/student has been given a conditional offer of admission

Conditional Admitted Date


The user/student has been admitted, but they have chosen to defer enrollment

Defer Date


The user/student has been admitted, but they have chosen to withdraw

Withdrawn Date


The user/student has submitted a deposit but has not yet enrolled

Deposited Date


The user/student has enrolled and reached the final funnel stage

Enrolled Date

Journeys is also listed as a Funnel filter because of its usefulness in tracking custom funnels. Learn more about Journeys.

Using the Funnel Stage Filter

📙 Note: Students who've progressed beyond certain stages won't appear in earlier funnel stage filters. For instance, if a student has the enrolled milestone, they will not be included using the Funnel Stage > Admits filter.

Now we’ll walk you through an example of how to use the funnel stage filter. To get started, navigate to Contacts > People.

  1. Click Add Filter and search for the Funnel Stage filters.

  2. Click on the filter you wish to use. For this example, we will use Applicants Submitted.

  3. After selecting the filter type, you will be prompted to determine its properties. Each filter type has unique properties. In our example (Applicants Submitted), you can use the Add Property option to select application major, application student type, application term, application type, country, intended student type, milestones application, milestones major, milestones student type, milestones term, or state. You can add multiple properties to narrow down your data further. Additionally, you can add a Date Property like the application submission date.

  4. Click Submit, and you will see a list of all the people who meet the criteria of your filter. You can then save that list as a new segment using the Save As New Segment button.

💡 Pro tip: By using funnel stage properties, you can easily combine your funnel stage segments with other properties like term, major, and student type.

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